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Mirzai/Phan Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics Center is pleased to introduce the Ultra Lite Weight Management Program to our catalog of services.

The Ultra Lite program safely and effectively assists your body in shedding excess pounds and bringing your system into proper balance.  Losing weight is not accomplished by not eating, and the Ultra Lite program shows you how, when, and what to eat so that your body has the needed tools to change.

The health benefits of the program are numerous. Many clients report improved digestion, clearer and more vibrant skin, sharper memory, and renewed energy!  Your health and well being are the program’s greatest priority, and as such, the program is only available in offices of registered health care practitioners, such as ours.  Combat aging and lethargy with a program designed to meet your individual needs.  Let our office help to achieve your goals with the proven Ultra Lite Weight Management system.

Ask our office about Ultra Lite Packages that can bring you significant savings on the diet program as well as other non-surgical treatments in our office.  Save those eating out dollars, and for a little over $100 per week let us show you how to maximize the benefit of your food purchases for a lifetime of weight management and enhanced health.  Our initial introductory offer includes five weeks of the Ultra Lite Weight Loss Program, ten weeks of the Ultra Lite Maintenance Program, two visits with the doctor, and weekly follow-up appointments with our trained consultants for $1700 ($200 savings over the cost if purchased separately).  Lose up to 2-5 pounds per week and learn how to keep it off with Ultra Lite!

Schedule an appointment and learn more about our program by calling the office nearest you:

Wailuku, Maui – 249.8509    Lihue, Kauai – 245.5054    Honolulu, Oahu – 952.9779



People call ME Skinny!  ME! 

Without Dr. Mirzai’s help, I would still be a 200lb jogger unable to lose weight thinking that if I could keep jogging, I would eventually lose the weight.  The Ultra Light Diet was the perfect solution for me since it infused superb medical advice as I was dieting.   Dr. Mirzai was able to reduce my calories, balance my intake, and keep me energized with plenty of power to get through my tough workouts! After  a 40 lb weight loss, I am amazed at how great I feel and how powerful my workouts have become!  Thank you so much, Dr. Mirzai…I could certainly NOT have done it without you!!

Deneen Deschene,
Owner of bydeneen.com
Wailuku, HI


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