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Breast Lift

Breast Lift in Hawaii

Changes to the size and shape of your breasts happen gradually, the result of pregnancy, aging and even gravity. You may not be aware of these changes until, one day, you look in the mirror and have a sudden realization. Although this may be unpleasant, it doesn't have to be permanent. With a breast lift, Hawaii plastic surgeon Dr. Todd Mirzai can reshape your breasts for more youthful, perky contours.

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Reasons for Considering Breast Lift

Like all Hawaii breast enhancement procedures, a breast lift can help you feel more confident about your body. The general aim of a breast lift is to create a younger-looking breast contour. This is accomplished by reducing excess skin, tightening tissue to reshape the breast, and lifting the breast into a higher position.

If the changes to your breasts following pregnancy are a major factor in your decision to pursue breast lift surgery, you may also have other cosmetic concerns related to motherhood such as excess belly fat or loose skin. If you're interested in addressing these other areas, you may want to consider combined procedures such as a "Mommy Makeover." These combined procedures may include liposuction or an abdominoplasty.  For additional breast enhancement in Hawaii, Honolulu patients may also combine breast augmentation with their breast lift.

General Procedure

Our breast lift procedures are performed using Total IV Anesthesia (TIVA) with the aid of experienced anesthesia professionals. The use of TIVA results in several benefits for our patients: reduced post-operative pain, reduced risk of blood clots in the legs, lower incidence of post-operative nausea and vomiting, and avoidance of "hangover" effects.

There are several different ways that incisions can be made to accomplish your breast lift. Drs. Mirzai or Phan will determine the best incision pattern for you, which will probably be around the areola or around the areola with an additional incision down to the breast crease and, perhaps, horizontally along the breast crease. When Dr. Mirzai or Dr. Phan has removed excess skin, reshaped the breast, and repositioned the areola, multiple layers of sutures will be used for support.

Recovery Process

Our practice strives to make your recovery as pleasant as possible. During the initial recovery period, patients flying in from other islands often choose to stay in our private bungalows, located right across the street from the Maui surgery center. Our surgeons even make "house calls" to check-in on your progress.

Most women in Hawaii find that breast surgery initially causes some discomfort and swelling, although this is controlled with pain medication. A support bra will aid in pain reduction and will protect your results as you heal. Incision lines, made in the most inconspicuous locations possible, will fade with time. You may have some scars, but former patients will tell you that the vast improvements made with their breast lift are well worth a few small lines. When you've got your perky breasts back, you may find that you have an extra spring in your step from the new confidence you've gained.


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